Directions to Dai Bosatsu Zendo
The zendo is open to visitors from March to November. To visit, you will need a scheduled appointment. As we are a practicing religious community and a private property, we cannot accommodate casual visitors who wish to enjoy our grounds.

Call us in advance at (845) 439-4566 to arrange your visit, or to reserve a space for all events. Please see our calendar for a listing of events. For information on what to bring to DBZ, see PDF.

From New York City by Bus
The Short Line runs several times daily from Manhattan's Port Authority Terminal to Livingston Manor, NY. The ticket office is located on the 2nd floor of the terminal's north entrance, West 42nd Street and 8th Avenue. For bus times and fares, call (212) 736-4700. You may call the monastery at (845) 439-4566 for pickup from Livingston Manor. Please arrange well in advance.

From New York City by Car

  1. 1. Cross the George Washington Bridge and from the right lane exit to Palisades Parkway North. After about 30 minutes, take Exit 18 to Rte. 6 West. Follow the signs for Rte. 6 West to Rte. 17 West. If you are coming from the NY State Thruway (I-87), take Exit 16 at Harriman.
  2. 2. Take Rte. 17 West to Exit 96, Livingston Manor. Follow the exit ramp to the yield sign and turn right. DBZ is 19 miles (45 minutes to one hour) from this exit, so check your odometer.
  3. 3. Within 100 yards of the yield sign, you will see a "T" junction and a stop sign. Turn right. (Livingston Manor is the last place to buy gasoline, so turn left here if you need it.) Drive for about 1 mile. Take the first right. This is Beaverkill Road, Sullivan Co. Rte. 151.
  4. 4. Stay on Beaverkill Road. Its number will change from Sullivan Co. Rte. 151 to Ulster Co. Rte. 152. The Beaverkill River will be on your left for most of the way. Always keep right.
  5. 5. The town of Lew Beach is 9 miles from Exit 96. 12.6 miles from Exit 96 there will be a "Y" intersection. Keep right to Turnwood (disregard the Dead End sign). 15.7 miles from Exit 96, Quill Gordon Lodge will be on the left. 18.2 miles from Exit 96, you will see a white French-style chateau on the right and the entrance to DBZ is less than a mile from here, on the left.
  6. 6. Drive through the gate and slowly drive 2 miles to the monastery buildings.
  7. 7. Park temporarily near the monastery and follow the "Visitors" sign to the main entrance. After registering, you may unpack your car and park in the fenced-in lot near the woodshed.

From other areas Consult map for directions to Livingston Manor, exit 96 on Rte. 17, then follow steps 2. through 7. above.

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