Students and Guests

Zen students are welcome to join our daily practice schedule of zazen, chanting and work. The daily schedule is from 4:30am to 8pm, and all scheduled activities are mandatory for students. The guest rate is $75/day for periods of less than seven days, and $45/day for periods longer than seven days.

Although Dai Bosatsu Zendo is open to visitors from March to November we cannot receive visitors without a scheduled appointment. Call us in advance at (845) 439-4566 to arrange your visit, or to reserve for any event (see calendar). As we are a practicing religious community and a private property, we cannot accommodate casual visitors who wish to enjoy our grounds.

Interim Residency Program

Dai Bosatsu Zendo opens its doors to serious Zen students who cannot afford to attend sesshin or kessei during winter and summer interim. Beginners or well-seasoned students are welcome. If you are interested in experiencing monastic residency for a minimum of two weeks, between December 15 to March 15 and July 10 to August 31, you may qualify for interim residency. Your sincere motivation to deepen your practice, your willingness to follow monastic rules and give of yourself while working, sitting, and living with fellow residents is the most important requirement. For more on what to expect from summer/winter interim residency see PDF. For the daily schedules see this PDF. Call, email, or write to the office to apply.

Open Space Program

During the spring, summer and fall, Joraku-an (Beecher House) is available to groups needing a venue for retreats or seminars. Larger groups can be accommodated in the monastery as well. Three delicious vegetarian meals a day are included in the fee. For more information, please contact the Open Space coordinators at (845) 439-4566, or email us.

Note: from November to April, our road is sometimes closed due to adverse weather conditions. Please call the day before your expected arrival to DBZ. We are happy to offer rides from the entrance gate to our monastery, about two miles. We also offer transport, based on availability, from Livingston Manor, for $25.00 per person. See driving directions here.

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