Zen Incense
Discover the wonderful scent of Shoyeido Zen Incense. This incense will add a new dimension to your experience whenever you burn it. We offer 3 types, each delightfully different.

Shoyeido uses the finest herbs, spices, resins and aromatic woods from around the world and time-proven blending secrets that have been passed down through twelve generations of the same family. These special scents are wrapped in traditional wrapping paper and come in a hand-pasted ricepaper box. Each bundle contains 30 sticks, each 13“ long. Approximate burning time: 2 hours per stick.


Morning Zen incense

Morning Zen
Comprised chiefly of sandalwood, cinnamon and spices.
Yellow box, $18.00

Evening Zen incense

Evening Zen
Contains sandalwood, clove, patchouli and benzoin.
Green box, $18.00

Sitting Zen incense

Sitting Zen
Contains sandalwood, clove and cinnamon as key ingredients.
Blue box, $18.00